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Always avoid excessive moisture with any wood products, including your wood cabinetry. Ross’s Cabinets are designed for exclusive use inside residential and other buildings and are not intended for use outdoors.
If possible clean all spills and watermarks as they occur, paying extra attention to areas located near the sink and dishwasher, as they are more likely to become wet. Only use a damp cloth when cleaning normal household spills. Once wiped thoroughly, dry with a lint-free cotton cloth. For more stubborn stains and marks, you may need to use a mild detergent and water mixture to clean the surface. Avoid hanging or draping washcloths, dishtowels, and other damp items over the door of the sink cabinet. After a period of time, the moisture will cause permanent damage to the cabinetry.
There are commercial products that are sold specifically for the cleaning and protection of wood surfaces. Ros’s Cabinets recommends using a product that is of an emulsion-type such as Murphy’s Oil Soap or another comparable product. Using wax containing products will cause build-up, while using silicone polishes can harm the finish of the cabinetry. Always avoid using a spray polish that may contain petroleum solvents since they are flammable and toxic if swallowed. Never use an abrasive style cleanser or powdered cleanser. Make sure to never use a scouring pad to try and remove stains. Do not use a dishcloth to wipe the surface of your cabinets as they may still contain remnants of cleansers, grease or detergents of various types.
Appliances with a self-cleaning function generate intense heat during the cleaning cycle and extra attention should be paid in regard to the cabinetry adjacent and directly near these types of appliances. Never allow oven cleaner to touch any part of the cabinetry if possible.
Occasionally, you will need to use a mild soap and water mixture to clean the door and drawer knobs or pulls. Make sure to dry all the hardware joints and surfaces and the surrounding areas with a clean, soft cloth. You can buff the hardware with a clean, dry cloth. Lubricating the hinges is not necessary but you can clean and dust them with a cotton-tipped swab when needed. Be aware that many brass and silver polishes contain harsh chemical agents that can permanently damage your hardware and it is not recommended that you use these types of polishes.
If your cabinetry includes glass doors or mirror inserts, there are some things to avoid while cleaning these panels. Never directly apply the cleanser to the glass; always apply to a towel and then use on the glass/mirror itself. Be cautious not to apply cleanser to lead, white, gold, or copper clad mullions and other ornaments.
With time, Ultra Violet light rays in the natural sunlight will affect the appearance of your cabinets. The finish on your cabinets will not change, however the wood may over time depending on its natural characteristics and the amount of direct sunlight they receive.
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